How Does Networking Lead to Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs?


    How Does Networking Lead to Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs?

    Discovering the tangible benefits of networking, we've gathered firsthand accounts from Entrepreneurs and COOs to illustrate its impact on business growth. From a 'Chance Encounter Leads to Niche Market Success' to how 'LinkedIn Connections Fuel Entrepreneurial Partnerships', explore the six compelling stories that underscore the power of building professional relationships.

    • Chance Encounter Leads to Niche Market Success
    • Conference Networking Spurs Collaborative Growth
    • Industry Events Foster Valuable Client Connections
    • Strategic Networking Transforms Entrepreneurial Vision
    • Referrals and Mentors Boost Mortgage Business
    • LinkedIn Connections Fuel Entrepreneurial Partnerships

    Chance Encounter Leads to Niche Market Success

    When I first set up my SaaS business that helps the horse industry, I was focused on marketing to horse owners and horse businesses. Things were going okay, but slowly.

    One day, by chance, I was helping the horse chiropractor do chiropractic work on one of our horses. Normally, my wife did this, as I married into horses and don't know a lot about the animals. (Well, I know more than most non-horse people, but not as much as the experts who have worked with horses all their lives.)

    I mentioned my horse software to the chiro, and he said, 'Why don't you contact Racing South Australia about their Off The Track (OTT) Program? I can give you the name of a good contact.'

    The OTT program is where retired racehorses are sold to new owners. Racing SA takes an interest in these horses and helps out with some rugs, nutrition analysis, feed vouchers, etc., to help the horse start its new career with the new owner.

    I called Racing SA and eventually met with them to show them the software. They were impressed enough to include it in the pack they give to new horse owners as part of their OTT initiative.

    So, from that one chance encounter, I had the state's racing association introducing my software to a segment of customers that I had never considered before.

    It worked so well that I went to other states' racing bodies within Australia, and most of them now provide HorseRecords as part of their Off The Track welfare packages. In fact, I have been talking to racing bodies in other countries as well! (So, if you know the person in charge of OTT for a state, let me know!)

    It has really helped my business grow by giving me access to customers I would normally have to market to with more traditional types of marketing.

    So, my advice is to feel free to have a chat with folks about what you are doing—who knows, they might have contacts to new ways of marketing!

    Andy Ide
    Andy IdeFounder & Director, HorseRecords

    Conference Networking Spurs Collaborative Growth

    Days before COVID-19 hit the United States, I attended a freelance writer conference as a panelist. I spent the week building my freelance network and learning about their businesses. Once COVID-19 hit, other businesses scrambled to update and improve their communications, sending my schedule into overload. With more work than I could handle, I tapped into my newly expanded freelance writer network to send some work their way and handle my overflow.

    Sharing the love helped me to increase my revenue, generate passive income, and help other freelancers survive a time of uncertainty. It's a textbook definition of a win-win, and my business is better as a result.

    Alli Hill
    Alli HillFounder and Director, Fleurish Freelance

    Industry Events Foster Valuable Client Connections

    In-person networking in the pandemic age is key in order to meet new businesses, get to know your potential client base, hand out business cards, and build those relationships. The movers and shakers of any industry go to industry events in order to build and maintain relationships and keep their pulse on what is happening so that their business stays relevant. So why don't you join them? You might even get their business!

    Harrison Jordan
    Harrison JordanFounder and Managing Lawyer, Substance Law

    Strategic Networking Transforms Entrepreneurial Vision

    Following over seven years of dedicated service within the technology sector, I discerned a profound aspiration to transition into entrepreneurship and establish my own venture. This transition was not merely a shift in career trajectory but necessitated a comprehensive reassessment of my professional network and strategic outreach efforts. Having been entrenched in a relatively insular professional community within a small town, I recognized the imperative of broadening my network to facilitate the realization of my entrepreneurial ambitions.

    Focused on pioneering advancements in entrepreneurship, I embarked on a deliberate path of cultivating connections, securing investment partnerships, and engaging with individuals who shared a resonance with my vision. However, it was a seminal moment when I successfully navigated the application process for the prestigious Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program and subsequently had my meticulously crafted business plan endorsed by the consortium.

    This pivotal opportunity granted me access to an immersive business exchange program in the dynamic environs of London, widely acknowledged as the epicenter of entrepreneurial activity within Europe. Amidst the bustling ecosystem of innovation and enterprise, I endeavored to actively expand and fortify my professional network. Through attendance at a myriad of industry events, forums, and networking gatherings, I engaged in substantive dialogues with fellow entrepreneurs, seasoned investors, accomplished mentors, and influential thought leaders.

    These interactions not only afforded me invaluable insights and perspectives but also facilitated the cultivation of meaningful professional relationships that proved instrumental in advancing my entrepreneurial pursuits. What initially commenced as an exchange opportunity swiftly evolved into an enriching journey of collaborative exploration, knowledge exchange, and strategic partnership development.

    Indeed, the fortuitous convergence of networking endeavors and entrepreneurial acumen catalyzed a profound transformation in my professional trajectory, culminating in the tangible realization of my entrepreneurial vision within the vibrant landscape of London's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

    As advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, don't hesitate to seize new opportunities. Embrace exchanges, seek advice, and engage in endeavors with the potential for significant impact and growth.

    Livia Oboroceanu
    Livia OboroceanuCo Founder, Flockin

    Referrals and Mentors Boost Mortgage Business

    As a mortgage broker, my entire business/career/income is derived from networking (95% of my business comes from repeat and referral), and I truly believe the quality of your network greatly impacts your net worth! I have picked up and closed numerous clients from actively attending local Chamber of Commerce events, participating in BNI groups, and engaging in other non-business-focused organizations (parents' groups, sports teams, industry-specific clubs, etc.). More than just clients and deals, though, I have been able to connect with some absolutely incredible industry titans who have turned into valued mentors and added inexplicable value to my business!

    Jeremy Hamelin
    Jeremy HamelinMortgage Broker, Axiom Mortgage Solutions

    LinkedIn Connections Fuel Entrepreneurial Partnerships

    I use LinkedIn for all of my networking, and I’ll never stop advocating for it. Every business partnership, service provider, friendship, opportunity I've run into, I met on LinkedIn.

    Every connection I make, partnership I broker, business I start, is because of someone I met on LinkedIn.

    I met my two Penfriend co-founders by networking on LinkedIn. One year ago, I didn’t know them; today, we run a successful B2B SaaS business together.

    Inge Von Aulock
    Inge Von AulockCOO, Penfriend